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Plane Crash @ PDK Peachtree Good Neighbor Day Air Show 2016

Occurred on May 14, 2016 / KPDK Airport Peechtree Dekab, Atlanta, GA, USA

Info From Licensor: "I am a fellow regional airline pilot myself. I had just gotten off of work and I was on the drive home from ATL airport when I saw acrobatic maneuvers being done over the PDK airport. I immediately looked online and noticed that PDK airport was having their annual Good Neighbor Air Show. I immediately called my wife and asked her if she wanted to go with me to check it out. We arrived at the event around 3 pm and it was only scheduled till 5 pm. I figured a few hours was better than nothing. I had already taken several videos of the acts that were performing. It was getting close to 5 pm and they were going to end the show soon. They announced that the two pilots that were going back up to put on a little more show were two that previously went up in the day. I was in a perfect position up next to the fence where I decided I was going to try and film the whole show. I captured their takeoff on another video and ended that video while they came around the airport. I then started recording again at the beginning of the routine as they passed by the control tower. I filmed the entire routine up until the crash and a few seconds after the crash. I was very conflicted whether to post it on youtube after and even discussed it with my wife who was unmistakably shaken up. I to was very shaken by what we witnessed being that I to am in the profession and fly daily. I posted the video and monetized it on Youtube in hopes that I could generate revenue to give back to the family." -Aaron E. Gonzales
*The pilot died in the crash.

Location KPDK Airport Peechtree Dekab, Atlanta, GA, USA
Occurred May-14-2016
Posted By Aaron E. Gonzales
Posted On May-18-2016