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Close Call for Man on Scooter

Occurred on January 16, 2020 / Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Info from Licensor: "This old guy on a scooter was traveling on a very busy road going against traffic and came to the intersection right as the light was about to turn green for through traffic. He decided that a red light wasn’t meant for him, and crossed the road against the red light. Oncoming cars waited. Car turning left waited We waited and, off camera, my passenger rolled down the window and waved to alert traffic in the right lane, but they just started going through anyway. Scooter guy ends up slightly collided with the rear wheel on the second car through the intersection. He was all right and just carried on."

Location Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
Occurred Jan-16-2020
Posted By John Verwoerd
Posted On Jan-24-2020