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Crawfish Challenge

Occurred on March 31, 2018 / Baytown, Texas, USA

Info from Licensor: "My uncle and I were getting ready to cook up some crawfish for my cousin's birthday. We decided to ask one of our friends if he's tried to chug a beer faster than a crawfish can pinch you and without hesitation, he said, “C’mon” So we gave him a decent size crawfish and at this point we had a crowd around us and I pulled my phone out and instantly decided to record because I knew a man holding a beer and crawfish in one hand will not end well. As he went to drink, the crawfish came down with its claws with full intentions to hurt him in order to not let him complete the “crawfish challenge”. The challenge is to chug a full beer before the crawfish gets to pinch you if he does and you are still chugging the beer and be able to finish it you win but once you’re lips come off the can/bottle you lose!"
Location Baytown, Texas, USA
Occurred Apr-1-2018
Posted By Jacob Servin
Posted On Apr-11-2018