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Countless Spider Crabs Cover Ocean Floor

Occurred on February 15, 2019 / Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia

Info from Licensor: "Hi, I'm Bridget! I'm 25 and hail from the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. I’ve been diving since 2013. I paddleboard often and swim every day. I spend summers in Rye in the middle of Port Phillip Bay on a dive boat and uni semesters in Hobart. I study Marine Biology and Antarctic Science. My mission is to share our love for the ocean through science backed evidence and translate it into a format we can all understand. Communication is key. I also hate single-use plastics so I’ll share with you proven upcycling ideas, plastic-free recipes/tips/tricks and cleanup endeavors. Cuttlefish are my fave sea creature, closely followed by the playful seals."
Location Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia
Occurred Feb-15-2019
Posted By Bridge de Lange
Posted On Apr-15-2019