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Biker Saves Turtle Crossing the Road

Occurred on January 21, 2021 / Bukit, Panjang Road, Singapore

Info from Licensor: "While driving along Bukit Panjang Road towards the Bukit Timah Expressway, I chanced upon an act of kindness where a motorcyclist stopped traffic to assist a turtle to cross the road. Knowing that he may be putting himself in harm’s way, he selflessly got off his motorcycle and used a stick to prod the little creature across the road! I feel that with so much harshness in the world, an act of kindness towards our fellow creatures no matter how small reminds us all that we can still make the world a kinder society!"

Location Bukit, Panjang Road, Singapore
Occurred Jan-21-2021
Posted By Vincent Teo
Posted On Jan-25-2021