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Twitch Streamer Documents Racist Encounters

Occurred on April 2019 / Europe

Info from Licensor: "All these clips are from Giannie's travel in EU in 2019. She went to Berlin to visit Twitchcon Eu in 2019. After Twitchcon, she extended her trip. She stayed in Berlin more and traveled to Cologne, Munich, and London.

1. It happened in London, Camden town when she walked on the street. One random girl pretended to hit Gianne's face. This happened suddenly.
2. Giannie visited a hofbräuhaus in Berlin to eat her dinner. Guys from another table moved to her table, sat next to her, and do things on camera.
3. Giannie was walking on the streets of Berlin. A man greeted her viewers, calling 'ching chang chong.' He asked about her nationality, and she answered she's Korean. Then, he asked if her broadcast was for Koreans. She replied that the Germans were the main viewers. He was embarrassed, said 'Korea, very good' and disappeared.
4. Giannie was walking on the streets of Cologne. A man suddenly put a sticker on Giannie's cell phone to promote while carrying a sticker. She cried in surprise.
5. Twitter user @slasher uploaded Giannie's clip from the restaurant to his Twitter page. The clip became viral. After that, Giannie interviewed the German newspaper FAZ in writing. And she had an interview with 'SAT.1 Frühstücksfernsehen' and it came out on TV. A German citizen who read the news saw Giannie on the street and apologized to her for what happened to her."

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Posted By Jiyeon Lee
Posted On Dec-29-2021