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Cat Loves to Be Vacuumed

Occurred on January 21, 2023 / Moscow, Russia

Info from Licensor: "Funny video of a cat who loves to be vacuumed. I want to tell everyone who thinks that I'm torturing a cat: I found this cat on the street. One of his eyes protruded, and the second eye was covered in pus, pus also flowed from the nose. I felt very sorry for the kitten and I took it. My husband and I performed eye surgery on our kitten. The second eye was saved, but he sees poorly. The kitten had four infections, from which we cured him. Therefore, I ask everyone very much not to talk about the fact that we are torturing the cat. I like animals a lot. I would never torture animals! Shustrik is a special cat. He likes being vacuumed. He loves to run on the treadmill. He is not afraid of water. Once the cat turned on the visually impaired mode on the computer. Cat is a simple yard cat, but he is very special! Be kind to our little brothers."

Location Moscow, Russia
Occurred not known
Posted By Tatiana Kurnosova
Posted On Mar-21-2023