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Runaway Dump Truck Crashes in Other Drivers

Occurred August 24, 2016 / San Gabriel, California, USA

Info from Licensor: "We were coming out of Lee's Sandwiches in Alhambra on New and San Gabriel, when this truck came up behind us driving half up on the median. It stopped at the light looking like it was going to turn left, but the green arrow turned RED and THEN he started to try and turn, ultimately giving up and continuing straight.

Continuing on, he kept going at the middle of the road, except this time there was no median and he casually side swiped a car stopped at the light going the other way. Shattered the driver side window, the driver looking back perplexed as the truck continued to roll on through.

That's when I started videoing. he had two green lights in a row swerving towards the middle, took out a car trying to turn left, spinning it out across the street. And the truck just kept on rolling through.

Ultimately he was forced to stop after plowing into 4 cars turning left onto Valley. Ran right into the back of a volvo and spun it up off its rear wheel.

The people in the cars all walked away, left the scene shortly to go to the hospital. Nothing worse than some bruising and whiplash as far as I can tell.

The guy I was with, driving, stops his brand new car on the side of the street, runs across yelling 'Hey! what the fuck are you doing?" leaving the keys in, car on, and door wide open to the flow of traffic. (I corrected all that after calling 911, but thats how flustered he was. He won't stop talking about this car). 911 tried to contact the police but I guess they were blown up by all the people calling in because the lines were busy. Eventually we got word that fire and police were on their way.

The driver, my driver got the driver of the truck out, standing up on the step and trying to get the door open, yelling at the truck driver. 'do you see what you're doing? stop the truck! turn it off!' The whole time - while he's up there yelling into the window, and while the truck is embedded into the car he smashed - the truck keeps lurching forward. I think about what's going on in the minds of the young women in that car, suffering a collision and the truck won't stop pressing forward.

My guy- worried he's maybe about to get plugged or something gets the truck driver to turn off the engine so he can come around. "I'm just trying to get to my family" as he lurches forward again. After escorting him to the bus stop the police start to arrive, and I finally come around to that side of the street.

I get a good look at him for the first time, older guy skinny, and a little out of shape with a wild far off look in his eyes. He's trying to call his family I'm told, but his body is shaking so much I don't see how he can use the phone. I'm worried about him and I hope he'll be alright.

Thank god Fire got there by then because I glance back at this guy and his eyes are now rolled back and he's got blood streaming out of his mouth. Not thick and dark red but light thin and kind of orange. They got him to the ground, 5 or 6 guys, and got him on a stretcher. The whole time bystanders murmuring amongst themselves, but in earshot, 'they should do this' they should do that'. My mantra back, 'they got this, they know what they're doing, lets all back away.'

This whole thing was like watching the worst part of a movie, knowing the worst is going to happen, seeing the plot projected in front of you and watching helplessly as the characters navigate their story. But its real, and all those people that got hit really got hit, and this guy who was falling apart physically and mentally in the truck really needed and needs help. And all that damage done in the path of him behind the wheel of that thing. All of it, real damage to real people, that has to be reconciled somehow.

It was surreal, but also too real."

I read the police report.

Info: The police report states that an empty 24 ounce coors light can was found in a bag and another 24 ounce coors light can was found in the driver's cup holder and it was still cold to the touch. It appears he had a diabetic seizure brought on by consumption of beer.

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Posted By Bryant Sullivan
Posted On Aug-26-2016