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Cow Surprises Kid with a Lick

Occurred on March 20, 2022 / Ceredigion, Wales

Info from Licensor: My husband, myself, and my two children Ceio, (2) and Lwsi (1) went out to check on the cows on our family run farm. The kids love going to see them, as we went to the shed the kids were so fascinated and the cows were very intrigued, the kids put their hands out to say hello to the cows and they started sniffing their hands, by this time my daughter Lwsi brought her hand back after the cow licked it, and she turned her head away from the cow and moments later in a blink of an eye the cow went in and gave her a massive lick on her face which certainly took her by surprise as she did not see it coming. I started laughing as the cow's tongue was so big I had never seen anything like it, haha. And anyhow my daughter didn’t know how to react and she heard my laughing and she started to giggle. It was such a funny moment and I am so glad I caught it on camera, it was definitely the right time right moment kind of thing. And years to come when the kids are old enough they will be able to look back on this video and laugh about it themselves. Just like thousands of other people on TikTok. Such a great video.
Location Ceredigion, Wales
Occurred not known
Posted By Gwawr Evans
Posted On Mar-29-2022