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Christmas Colt Captures Mom's Heart

Occurred on December 14, 2022 / USA

Info from Licensor: "My mom had been in a slump and one of my favorite breeders posted a little colt that looked JUST like her first horse. After she saw him, she was over the moon about him and fell in love. Knowing how many animals we had she knew it probably wasn’t practical, but we decided to surprise her anyway. We set up payments with the breeder and a time to drive over 11 hours to go get him. Got him a set of shipping boots and a blanket with sloths (her favorite) so he’d be warm and protected for the cold weather that was happening up there. I told my mom my fiancé and I were going to be up in a cabin for a few days and that the trailer would be parked in the shop for tires so she wouldn’t suspect anything and we left for the long drive. On December 13, 2022, we loaded him up and started back home. On December 14, we just got home late that night and it was cold and rainy. I got my fiancé to unload the colt while I got my mom inside to open the present I wrapped for her. In the present was the colt's paperwork and contract signing him into her name. I was too excited to keep it in and knew my poor fiancé was in the rain, so I was trying to rush her along lol. As soon as she saw the picture, she’d been looking at for months, she lost it and started crying. She was asking when we could go get him, not knowing that’s what we just got home from. As I ushered her out the door, my fiancé was walking him up the driveway and my mom burst into tears and couldn’t contain herself. She was so happy with him and was kissing on him and walked him down to our small paddock with my other youngster. She loves him even to this day and spoils the heck out of him."

Location USA
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Posted By Jada Miller
Posted On Dec-28-2023