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Black Bear Takes Amazon Package

Occurred on May 19, 2022 / Gatlinburg, Tennessee, USA

Info from Licensor: "This video was taken from my security camera at our rental cabin in the Smoky Mountains in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. We get black bears on our property a lot there. We were visiting the cabin that weekend to vacation and do some home maintenance projects. So, my wife shipped via amazon new pillows to replace the old ones there. This bear stole a box containing pillows. It was later discovered that the bear opened the box and shredded the pillows. Black bears usually are scavenging for food. They can smell food 1 mile away but here with this video I was surprised the bear had interest with the box because there was no food inside it."

Location Gatlinburg, Tennessee, USA
Occurred May-19-2022
Posted By Kevin Southway
Posted On Jun-7-2022