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Saving a Dog from a Semi-Frozen Lake

Occurred on January 5, 2018 / Midlothian, Virginia, USA

Info from Licensor: "Neighborhood kids knocked on my door and asked for help because a dog had fallen into our semi-frozen neighborhood pond. After attempting to reach the dog with a 30 ft ladder, Anthony Miller and I got the kayak from my garage and returned to the pond. Anthony got in the kayak and scooted along the ice until he reached the dog, Atlas, who was in distress and near complete exhaustion from trying to get out. Anthony used a noose from Animal Control to get the dog and drag him to the edge. He was placed in an emergency vehicle and given oxygen and warm blankets. After seizing several times, they tried to transport him to a nearby animal hospital. He stopped breathing twice and was given chest compressions by paramedics. When he arrived his temperature was so low it wouldn't even register on the thermometer. Under great care, Atlas made a full recovery and was reunited with his owner who had been desperately looking for him,"

Location Midlothian, Virginia, USA
Occurred Jan-5-2018
Posted On Jan-23-2018