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Sign and Snacks Make Delivery Drivers Day

Occurred on December 21, 2021 / Denver/Stanley, North Carolina, USA

Info from Licensor: My family and I have loved the idea of leaving treats and drinks for the delivery drivers working, especially during the busy holiday season. Many of our friends and neighbors do the same! It was important for us to show our appreciation to the delivery drivers, many of which are working overtime and at undesirable hours, to help those who can’t get out for traditional shopping, whether by choice or necessity. Last night (12/21/21) was my youngest daughter’s 4th birthday and around 6:30 pm, this sweet Amazon driver (unknowingly) was delivering one of her special gifts. His reaction, captured on our Ring doorbell camera, was so genuine and appreciative, I couldn’t help but share it with my family and friends soon after! We wanted to show our appreciation for the delivery drivers, and he was thanking US?! My husband Lee was the one who answered the door, but if it had been me, I would’ve him and him the biggest hug and “all the things” if I could. I wish my husband had caught his name! In the current state of our country and even the world, with so much negativity going around, it’s refreshing to see genuine love and appreciation for the simplest things, come full circle.

Location Denver/Stanley, North Carolina, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Kristine Siple
Posted On Dec-22-2021