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Extremely Lucky Old Man

"Tuesday, June 9, the accident occurred on the street almost Ilyushin ended with terrible consequences. Tragedy was avoided thanks to the skill and good reaction of the driver of the truck. The relevant videotape appeared the other day on the social networking website YouTube.

The footage shows how the booming truck begins to overtake slow rising truck. At some point, the trucker abruptly pushes the brake wheel and twisted to the left. Heavy-duty machine logs. It touches the back of flying on the crossover and special technique after already aligned and roadside stops.

The reason for such manoeuvres, which fell in the middle of the skuterist served as the roadway. While it is not clear it or truck hooked the injured man lost control of himself. This information now.

One thing is clear, the skuterist remained alive. But everything could end more severe consequences." --
Location Voronezh, Russia
Occurred not known
Posted On Jun-18-2015