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Trinity the 1-Legged Goose Lands Like A Boss

Occurred on June 20, 2021 / Columbia

Info from Licensor: "Trinity is a Canada Goose that was relocated to me to live in my sanctuary due to her disability. She was in terrible shape on arrival due to damaged wings which she used for support to walk. She had never taken flight and after she rejected her prosthetic leg I worked on teaching her how to balance with adding a plastic sleeve to the joint on her missing leg. My goal was to add weight and then hopefully train break her habit of using her wings for support. After months of rehabilitation she is able to fly, swim, land, and migrate like she was meant to do at birth! She is truly an amazing girl and a joy to have at The Double Duck Rescue. The video is the first time she ever took flight and landed next to me so it's pretty amazing. The trust was no doubt earned and this was her saying Thank you ?"

Credit to: @doubleduckrehab
Location Columbia
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Posted On Jul-7-2021


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