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Boaters Rescue Stranded Calf

Occurred on December 28, 2022 / Great Barrier Island, New Zealand

Info from Licensor: "My Uncle Shane Strathdee was in a dinghy looking for a good crayfish diving spot along the rugged coastline of Great Barrier Island, New Zealand when he saw the black calf against the black granite of the steep cliffs. The calf was standing in knee-deep water, covered with abrasions and lacerations. It had clearly fallen from a significant height off the cliff face. It was reported by local boaties that its mother had been calling for it for several days prior to my Uncle Shane noticing him. The suckling calf had no access to fresh water or food, and no escape route to get to dry land and be returned to its mother. A sea rescue was the only option for reuniting this calf with its mother. Boaties alerted the local farmer of the calf and they organised a combined rescue effort for the following day at high tide. Happy to share the calf is now on dry land with its mother and being well taken care of by the farmer."

Location Great Barrier Island, New Zealand
Occurred not known
Posted By Danieka Strathdee
Posted On Dec-29-2022