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Veterinarian Gets Special Birthday Surprise

Occurred on October 26, 2022 / USA

Info from Licensor: "My vet is Dr. Hendershott at Pleasant Grove Animal Hospital in Texarkana, TX. Her beloved dog died a while back, and she has been wanting another like him. Her husband, Ben, talked to the rescue group I foster for, and I was told they might be interested in adopting this dog that was coming from a hoarding situation. I contacted him and sent photos. He said that Dr. Hendershott’s birthday was the next week. We could surprise her with the dog. He said this dog looked almost exactly like the dog they lost. We were trying to think about how to surprise her. So, we decided to set up an appointment for my dog, Millie, who has a chronic illness. The appointment was set up as a last-minute, last appointment of the day. All the employees found out about the surprise. So, the vet techs asked Dr. Hendershott how you assess what is wrong when the owner only says the dog is feeling different. Dr. Hendershott became focused on how to do this kind of exam. She was so focused that she did not realize the dog was not Millie. In fact, the dog was male, not female. It took her 3 minutes to question what was going on. I’m the meantime, the dog, now named Grant, got a complete vet check, including having his temperature taken. Dogs are great at hiding illness and pain. Knowing the temperature can help with diagnosis. Therefore, it is a normal part of exams. Dr. Hendershott fell in love immediately. Grant is so much like her other dog. She began to weep tears of both sadness and joy. This is a pure, heartwarming video to which most people can relate. Dr. Hendershott adopted Grant, and they are doing well."

Location USA
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Posted By Brandy Acker
Posted On Dec-10-2022