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Random Act of Kindness on a Windy Day

Occurred on April 16, 2019 / Rockaway, New Jersey, USA

Info from Licensor: "I already lost one recycling bin to a windy day, so when the weather report said high wind, I was nervous I would lose another. My neighbor Ann across the street is the best and we always have each others backs with our garbage cans and recycling bins, but she wasn't home so when I checked on camera and saw that the cans were no longer rolling around, I scrubbed back to see who had put them back for me, that's when I saw this stranger picking them up. Just a very heart warming moment in a time where people can be so disconnected from the world and people around them. It was really nice to see, and really cheered me up."

Location Rockaway, New Jersey, USA
Occurred Apr-16-2019
Posted By Paul Valerio
Posted On Apr-18-2019