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Just Damn Do It

Occurred on February 4, 2022 / Elk Grove Village, Illinois, USA

Info from Licensor: "I’m Jorlin and I’ve been roller skating for about 2 years. I wanted to try out the skate park so I went for the first time by myself at the Audobon skatepark in Elk Grove, IL. The only other person at the park was a random 9 year old boy skateboarding. He told me he liked my skates because they light up, and he saw me contemplating dropping in on the mini ramp, which was my goal for the day at the park. He was hyping me up, telling me “you just have to commit, just damn do it”. He was really inspiring and convinced me I could do it. So I gave him my phone and asked him to record me no matter what happened. He said “Don’t let anything make you not do it, just damn do it”. His voice was sincere and motivating and I believed him, so I damn did it and I fell back and body SLAMMED. My helmet wasn’t clipped so after the impact, it bounced away. Me and the kid, his name was Philip, both laughed at the video after he made sure I was okay. We kept skating together after the video and the next day I decided to post it ok Tik Tok, that’s where it blew up overnight with views. I continued to go to the skate park every day to find Philip and show him that we went viral."
Location Elk Grove Village, Illinois, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Jorlin Roldan
Posted On Feb-23-2022