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The Dazzling Sunrise Over Clouds

Occurred on November 12, 2023 / Qujing, Yunnan, China

Info: The sun rose silently over a sea of clouds, casting a golden hue across the sky. Hundreds of tourists gathered at the summit of Gu'niu Mountain to admire the stunning view. At the moment of the sunrise, the sea of clouds gradually rises like a light veil. The sun jumps out of the horizon and colors the sky red. The sea of clouds looks like a dream in the morning light, with a faint golden edge. The light of the sun shone through the clouds, soft and warm. The whole world seemed to stand still at that moment, serene and peaceful. At that moment, the peak of the mountain seemed to be immersed in an enrapturing wonderland of beauty.

Location Qujing, Yunnan, China
Occurred Nov-12-2023
Posted By Anonymous user
Posted On Jan-30-2024