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Awesome April Fools Prank

Occurred on April 2, 2018 / Los Angeles, California, USA

Info from Licensor: "My daughter has always been a prankster. She's pulled some small-fish ones on me, but 2015 she pulled an epic one that lasted for months. She planted hundreds of googly eyes all over my house, and posted every time I found them. They were hidden everywhere! Last year I got her back by filling her Prius with pink balloons and pink packing peanuts. I did it while she worked an overnight shift at her hotel. She had to clear out space in order to drive. I have pictures of the googly eye series and video of the pink peanut revenge. The Dixie cups and the Reynolds wrap was part one and two of her payback."
Location Los Angeles, California, USA
Occurred Apr-2-2018
Posted By Sheila A. Cutchlow
Posted On Apr-8-2018


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