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Baby Beelines For Stairs

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Info: "Everyone, today we're sharing our own experiences as a lesson. I have to say first that I normally don't let my children use a baby walker in front of the house or in a dangerous area like this. They use it indoors in narrow spaces in my sight for just a moment a day. Because my child liked it very much, I felt sorry for him. I already knew that this car was dangerous and not suitable for children to play with. But today, coincidentally, there are a lot of customers and a lot of merchandise has arrived. So I had to take my child out to help my husband in front of the store. My husband took this car and put it in for the child for a short time, not more than 5 minutes. A customer came to buy something so I accidentally turned and talked to the customer for a moment. The event is as follows in this clip. And the husband feels very guilty. (Actually, in my heart I really want to curse my husband. I have a lot of thoughts in my head about cursing all kinds of things.) But I could only console myself by saying, it's fine if your child isn't doing anything. Don't think too much. But from now on, definitely don't be careless. No one wants this to happen. Because just this makes him feel very guilty. P.S. And this is the main reason why we are willing to abandon everything to raise our own children 24 hours a day. Credit: Khun RN"

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Posted On Jan-10-2024