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Rescue Boat Struggles to Land After Rescuing Surfer

Occurred on February 9, 2020 / Hastings, England

Info from Licensor: While Storm Ciara hits the coast, a surfer decided it would be a good idea to go catch some waves and leave these guys to risk their own lives to save his. Thankfully, everyone got out the water okay. It took the R.N.L.I over 4 attempts to land the boat back at the old town Hastings. The water so fierce they decided it was going to be safer and easier to land the boat in Eastbourne instead. This video has footage of the boat trying to get ashore after the rescue. At one point the boat was almost upside down and you could see the crew all in there seats strapped in. To the Guys at the R.N.L.I. we salute you!

Location Hastings, England
Occurred Feb-9-2020
Posted By Jay Jones
Posted On Feb-14-2020