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Mama Bear Races to Defend her Cub Against Other Bear

Occurred on May 20, 2018 / Frenchtown, MT

Info from Licensor: "While filming a Spring bear hunt, we ran across a male black bear feeding by himself in a clear-cut in Western Montana. Seconds later, we noticed a blonde phased sow with her chocolate phase cub 200 yards above the boar. The wind was blowing up the hill towards the sow and she caught boars scent in seconds. She immediately gave her cub the danger call and it took off uphill as she raced down the hill to defend her cub to the death. She covered 200 yards in a few seconds as the jet black boar climbed the tree as fast as he could to escape the sows initial attack. The blond sow meant business as she climbed the tree at break neck speed. As she climbed up the tree, she would eventually break off every branch in her way to get to the big boar. The old boar and sow face-off high atop a large tree in Montana's back-country. This raw display of nature shows what lengths a sow will go to defend her cub against a male black bear. Male black bears typically try to catch and eat the cubs in the wild, which makes the sow come back into heat so they can breed her again. This is a seldom seen let alone filmed bear behavior in the wild!"

Location Frenchtown, MT
Occurred May-20-2018
Posted By James Kinsey
Posted On Aug-6-2018