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Bad Driver Lucky to be Alive

Occurred on October 14, 2017 / Glenview, Queensland, Australia

Info from Licensor: "We noticed a car driving behind us. It almost ran into our car, swerved off the road, and then over corrected back on into oncoming traffic. We pulled over into a turning lane to let it past, and that's when the video footage started. It drove erratically all over the road, and almost had a few head-on collisions with oncoming traffic. It eventually a guidepost and then a light pole. It continued about fifty meters along the road and tried to turn a corner at a set of traffic lights. However, it then lost control and hit the curb. Then, the driver then tried to continue driving, but pulled over on the side of the road. We took the driver's keys to stop him from driving any further. The police attended the scene and found him not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The driver is now seeking medical testing for a condition that may have contributed to the events. No one was hurt or injured."
Location Glenview, Queensland, Australia
Occurred Oct-14-2017
Posted By Matthew carter
Posted On Oct-16-2017


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