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Did You Know Lions Can Climb Trees?

Occurred on June 28, 2018 / Harrismith, South Africa

Info from Licensor: "We are a non profit lion sanctuary in South Africa whose mission is to love, protect and preserve the magnificent lions in our care. Our vision with our videos is to show the unique personalities and idiosyncrasies of all our lions to help people realise the importance of the survival of lion species (which is now endangered) and that lions are not just killing machines but animals with feelings and intelligence! This particular videos show our 3 female pride Thuleli, Tamarind and Lilla (all aged 6yrs) climbing our trees. All the lion books will tell you that lions don't climb trees generally, but we find that not to be true! A lot of our lions climb trees often and enjoy it! moral of the story- don't ever climb a tree to get away from a lion ;)"

Location Harrismith, South Africa
Occurred Jun-28-2018
Posted By Suzanne Scott
Posted On Jul-29-2018