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Surprise Proposal In The Forest

Occurred on July 2, 2023 / Montana, USA

Info from Licensor: "On July 2nd, 2023, Jared Masin had successfully convinced his then-girlfriend, Holly Wilson, to embark on a challenging uphill climb through the remote backcountry mountains of Montana. Approximately two miles into their adventure, a surprising discovery awaited Holly – a JanSport hiking pack conspicuously placed along the trail. Assuming it had been left behind by a previous hiker, Holly remained oblivious to Jared's meticulously orchestrated plan to propose.

As she unzipped the pack, Jared filmed her every reaction. Inside, Holly found an assortment of items including an old water bottle, a versatile multitool, and a wallet. Curiosity led her to open the wallet, revealing a Montana driver's license tucked into the front pocket. A swift glance at its contents left Holly taken aback – her own goofy picture, birthday, and personal information were displayed on the identification. The realization struck her with surprise, especially given their remote location deep within the backcountry.

Jared seized the moment and asked, 'What does it say?' As Holly read the name printed on the license – 'Holly Masin' – her gaze shifted from the document to Jared, who was positioned on one knee. The recorded video documented the scene – notably, Jared had never explicitly verbalized his proposal, yet his intent was unmistakable. 'I think it's pretty clear,' he remarked.

Overwhelmed with emotion, Holly responded with an enthusiastic 'Yes!' to the heartfelt proposal. Their joyous commitment marked a turning point in their relationship. Subsequently, the couple relished the remainder of the Fourth of July weekend amidst the pristine backcountry mountains of Montana."

Location montana, usa
Occurred not known
Posted By Jared Masin
Posted On Aug-21-2023