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Wiping Down a New Alpaca Baby

Occurred on April 18, 2021 / Devon, UK

Info from Licensor: Alpaca cria Celeste was born on 18th April 2021 to 1st-time mum Inca. The video was taken immediately after birth. Alpacas don't lick their babies clean, so we wipe and dry her with a towel. She weighed 6.8kg at birth, small, but not unusually so, and a suitable size for her mum. It usually takes 30 - 120 minutes for a cria to get to its feet and suckle from mum. Once dry she is a very fluffy cute alpaca cria and no longer looks skinny. She was born at 11 months gestation. She will be staying with her mum until weaned at around 6 months of age and then continue to live with us on the farm.
Location Devon, UK
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Posted By Kate Brookes
Posted On Jun-10-2021


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