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Snake Handler Removes Parasitic Worm From Snake

A Pygmy Copperhead was removed from a rock wall in the backyard of a Picadilly house in The Adelaide Hills. Upon the capture it was noticed to have a lump protruding from its skin in the lower part of it's body. So it was taken home to be operated on. The snake and equipment were sterilized and a tiny incision was needed just underneath one of it's scales to squeeze out the 15cm roundworm which most probably would have ended his life in an awful way if it wasn't removed. Roundworm is the most common parasite among reptiles.
The snake was kept for a short period of time to make sure he was ok and then released back into the wild.
Pygmy Copperheads are unfortunately prone to parasites as they feed on mainly skinks and frogs, frogs are unfortunately full of parasites, and it's then passed on through the frog to the snake.
Pygmy Copperheads are on the threatened species list and are only found in remote parts of The Adelaide Hills and Kangaroo Island in South Australia
Location Mount Compass
Occurred not known
Posted By Ange Broadstock
Posted On May-15-2015