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Puppy Loves Playing in the Mud

Occurred on March 2, 2024 / Chongqing, China

Info from licensor: "The videographer was out walking his puppy, and as he passed a mud puddle, his own puppy ran into the puddle for a playful roll in the mud. Some netizens in the comments section marveled at how optimistic and open-minded the dog's owner was, and how his own dog was still able to play happily with him even after he rolled like a ball of mud. Some netizens are concerned about whether such a white puppy can still be white after rolling in a mud puddle. Finally, someone shared with the videographer the animal knowledge that only when a dog is deficient in a certain vitamin will it go to a place rich in that vitamin to get it."

Location Chongqing, China
Occurred not known
Posted By Anonymous user
Posted On Apr-2-2024