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Blind Cat Maneuvers Down Climbing Post

Occurred on December 13, 2023 / West Carrollton, Ohio, USA

Info from Licensor: "I've seen Momo climb down the tree before but never caught it on camera. I set my phone up to record her while I worked, which is why I ended up picking up the phone in the video. When we first got her, I was very super protective. But then I saw her get more confident in her movement around the house every day and started to worry less. Now, she jumps off of chairs with confidence. She chases her siblings around and mostly doesn’t run into things. I’ve even seen her jump up from the floor to the armrest of the green chair she walks on in the video. It’s still hard to hold myself back, but she’s shown me she’s got it handled. The first time she climbed up the tree was tough. She definitely had no idea how to get down, but it seemed like she wanted to learn cause she was pawing around. So I tapped on the steps until she could climb down each one. For the bigger jumps, I guided her down to it while still letting her hold onto a part of the tree. We did that a few times, and this is what it’s evolved to."

Location West Carrollton, Ohio, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Anonymous user
Posted On Dec-14-2023