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The Rich Door and Poor Door at Embassy Gardens

Occurred on September 26, 2021 / London, UK

Info from Licensor: This video is about Embassy Gardens, a luxury development in London in which each building has a separate entrance for the "rich" resident and for the "poor" residents of the Affordable Housing apartments. It went viral on my TikTok @joris_explains. My content aims to show how implicit social dynamics are expressed in the way we organize our spaces. I am a French-Caribbean and British content creator, ex-model, and with a degree in architecture. I currently work as an educator on anti-racism, bias, and privilege, mostly with UK universities as clients. In both my work as an educator and my social media content, I draw from my multiple experiences of marginalization, weaving in and out of privilege and disadvantage, to explore the power dynamics of our society.

Location London, UK
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Posted By Joris Lechene
Posted On Sep-29-2021