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Happy Farmer Splashing in Rain Puddles

Occurred on November 7, 2018 / Cootamundra, Australia

Info from Licensor: "Most of Australia has been affected by drought in recent times and it has had huge impacts on farmers. Only a few weeks ago, we lost a fellow farmer friend from up the road to our farm to suicide. We have a feeling it was him who gave us some help and opened up the heavens sending us the huge drenching of rain we had on Tuesday this week! I am sure you can tell we were over the moon! We ended up getting over 60 ml of rain in 24 hours. I had just phoned the kids up at the house telling them to get the surfboards and to come down when Alec decided to strip off, and I had to call them back and tell them to wait a few minutes, so he could get dressed before they came down. We all then splashed around and surfed down the hill having a great time, even the dogs had a great time. Our 4-month-old border collie puppy had never seen rain before and was very confused."
Location Cootamundra, Australia
Occurred Nov-7-2018
Posted By Emma Nugent
Posted On Nov-9-2018