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Cat Opens Sliding Glass Door for Dogs

Occurred on December 3, 2022 / Kentfield, California, USA

Info from Licensor: "For a few months, I had noticed the sliding door to the backyard of my home was left open. As a mom, I immediately blamed my kids every time, even though they said they weren't doing it. Then, one day I was in the kitchen and heard the sliding door open, but when I turned around no one was there, and nobody was home. I couldn't figure out how it was opening, and was starting to get a little freaked out. Then, one day I saw Bella, my rescue cat from the Marin Humane Society, jump off the counter right after I heard the door open. Now, I don't have to open the door to let the pets out into the backyard in the morning, Bell opens it and I tell them to go outside."

Location Kentfield, California, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Dionne Estes
Posted On May-8-2023