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Friend's Cat Meows Aggressively, then Attacks

Occurred on October 10, 2014 / Dallas, Texas, USA

Info from Licensor: "I was staying at my friend's house and I was about to join the party downstairs when I realized I'd been cornered by the Toulouse, the cat. Toulouse was at one time feral and has transitioned relatively smoothly to a healthy, happy house cat. On this day, however, he decided I was not welcome in his favorite room. As soon as he started meowing loudly, I hit record. I was trapped in the bathroom, and every time I tried to edge toward the door, Toulouse became furious, and eventually lunged at me. Several minutes later, I distracted him by throwing toiletries to the other side of the room and slipped away unharmed. We get along fine now."

Occurred Oct-10-2014
Posted By Andrew W Alexander
Posted On Aug-15-2016