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Surprise Christmas Kitten Almost Goes Unnoticed

Occurred on December 27, 2023 / McGuire Air Force Base, New Jersey, USA

Info from Licensor: "For the past three years, my family searched everywhere to find the perfect seal mink ragdoll kitten with no luck. Sadly, we lost our 15-year-old ragdoll Bella to liver failure at the beginning of December. A couple of weeks later, my dad, sister, and I went to Michigan to visit our family for Christmas. My mom stayed home because she couldn't get the time off of work. While visiting my family, I searched online and found a breeder website called Northern Lights Ragdolls, where I found Mr. Waffles! As soon as I saw him, I knew he needed to be a part of our family. I contacted the breeder and worked out all the details. We planned our route home after Christmas, and it lined up perfectly for us to pick him up in Pennsylvania on our way home to New Jersey. When we got close to the house, my dad devised a plan to have my mom pick up pizza for dinner so we wouldn't have to stop on the way home. This plan worked out great, as we got home before her from getting food. We took Mr. Waffles into the house and hid him in my room before my mom got home. We quickly ate dinner and opened up gifts. This is where everyone will see my mom trying to appreciate her gifts and not noticing the cutest little kitty sitting in the Hot Topic bag."

Location McGuire Air Force Base, New Jersey, USA
Occurred Dec-27-2023
Posted By Emma Mcbee
Posted On Feb-11-2024