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Garbage Drum Floats Down Street In Heavy Rain

Occurred on August 5, 2023 / Butina, Sharjah, UAE

Info from Licensor: "Incredible footage captured on August 5, 2023, in Sharjah, UAE, during an intense rainstorm, showcases an unusual and captivating sight – a garbage drum mysteriously floating in the middle of the road. This viral video offers a rare glimpse into the unpredictable nature of weather conditions in the UAE, highlighting the impact of heavy rains on the city's infrastructure. Shot with a mobile phone, the video captures the dramatic moment when the garbage drum becomes an inadvertent floating object, floating for several minutes before coming to rest. Its unexpected journey serves as a powerful visual metaphor, encouraging viewers to reflect on the importance of responsible waste disposal and the need for innovative solutions to tackle environmental issues."

Location Butina, Sharjah, UAE
Occurred not known
Posted By Ehtisham Badshah
Posted On Aug-18-2023