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Terrible Pirates Attempt Viking Boat Takeover

  • Cleared
Occurred on January 28, 2023 / Waterford, Ireland Info: Trying to swim in a Viking boat...
Location Waterford, Ireland
Occurred Jan-28-2023
Posted By Anonymous user
Posted On Aug-25-2023

Epic Minnesota Viking Fan Reaction

  • Cleared
Occurred on January 14, 2018 / Duluth, Minnesota, USA Info from Licensor: "This is why I love this game. People can say anything they want about football but those who do just don't understand..
Location Duluth Minnesota United States
Occurred Jan-14-2018
Posted By Michael White
Posted On Jan-15-2018

Calm Water Kayaking

  • Cleared
Occurred on / Viking Valley, Norway Info: "Calm conditions yesterday evening." Credit : IG/ @tfbergen..
Location Viking Valley, Norway
Occurred not known
Posted By
Posted On Jul-11-2019

Waves Rock and Pound Cruise Ship off the Coast of Norway

  • Cleared
Occurred on March 23, 2019 / Norwegian Sea, Hustadvika, Norway Info from Licensor: "This video was taken from the 7th deck, forward Explorer Lounge of the Viking Sky cruise ship at approximate..
Location Norwegian Sea, Hustadvika, Norway
Occurred Mar-23-2019
Posted By Alexus Sheppard
Posted On Apr-3-2019

Snowmobile Pull Doesn't Go as Planned

  • Cleared
Occurred on February 26, 2020 / Alta, Finnmark, Norway Info from Licensor: "This video was shot in Alta, Norway when a friend of mine drove the snowmobile down a mud hole and got stuck. Then w..
Location alta, finnmark, norway
Occurred Feb-26-2020
Posted On Mar-4-2020

12-Minute Parking Job

  • Cleared
Occurred on April 20, 2016 / Minneapolis, MN, USA Info From Licensor: "Bill Huskamp, my husband, and his coworker, Derek, were working on the new Vikings' Stadium and noticed this person attem..
Location Minneapolis, MN, USA
Occurred Apr-20-2016
Posted By Bill M Huskamp jr
Posted On Apr-25-2016