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Careless Tree Cutting Leads to Close Call for Passersby

Occurred on March 10, 2021 / Chiang Mai, Thailand

Info from Licensor: "My mind continues to be blown away at all the total ridiculousness of accidents that happen on this road. And so, it is my great pleasure to present to you this absurd masterpiece.

Our neighbors have been demolishing a house and clearing all the trees on the property. This was one of the last trees remaining. Instead of cutting it down into all the empty, cleared space behind them, they decide to switch things up a bit and cut some wood in the middle of the street, on top of a truck. Not just that, they almost perfectly timed it so as to squash a little old lady just walking down the street. Notice none of them even bother to check on the poor woman afterwards... What!

My favorite part is actually at the end. You might notice how completely useless the guy in the jean shorts and white tee is throughout the video. He eventually attempts to clear a log, to toss it over the wall, but epically fails in great fashion.

When it comes to this street, the recklessness and complete disregard for safety is not only limited to operating vehicles it seems. As you can see here, it is also present in the operation of chainsaws and chopping down trees. Luckily the old lady made it out ok and probably just needs a new change of undies after the whole ordeal.

This video was recorded by our home/business surveillance cameras. We use these cameras for staff/business safety but also to capture all the wild accidents that happen on our road (it's notorious for having crashes all the time, at least one per day). We just did not expect to see an accident like this."

Location Chiang Mai, Thailand
Occurred not known
Posted By Charles Davis
Posted On Mar-12-2021