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My Dog Almost Burned My House Down

Occurred on October 29, 2018 / Detroit, Michigan, USA

Info from Licensor: "I had just gotten home and upon unlocking and opening my door, I heard a clicking sound coming from the kitchen. I ran inside to see what as going on and I came across a 12-pack of pop that had burnt to a crisp on my stove. Around 9:00 am, my dog Dahlia was poking her head around the kitchen and pulling trash out of the can. She decided to see what was on the stove and accidentally turned on the starter which ignited a flame. This heated up the cans inside and pop exploded all over the kitchen. Luckily, the fire remained lit and no gas poured out into the house. This happened at 9:00 am. I was gone until 5:00 pm. Normally the dogs are blocked out of the kitchen, but they somehow pushed the gates through and made their way inside."

Location Detroit, Michigan, USA
Occurred Oct-29-2018
Posted By Matthew Ruffino
Posted On Oct-31-2018