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Crazy Old Man Attacks Painter In A Lift

Info From Licensor: "We had been painting this building for about a week prior to this incident. One of my workers had even asked me if I felt the beeper would bother the tenants. I said "they should be fine. Most of them are really happy it's getting painted". Which was true. However this guy did not live in the building we were working on. He lived across the alley way in some sort of low income housing place. I was unaware of him until on July 4, 2015 I was out there painting by myself and heard someone yelling at me. I pulled my headphones out and turned around and saw the old man down there looking mighty pissed off with a pair of cutters. I just took my phone and started recording. When the video stopped I had immediately called 911. Medics arrived as well as police. They took the old man to the hospital and then went down to arrest him from the hospital for assault. The funny part is my coworker thinks he was put up to it by his buddy's at the shelter. He had seen them going back and forth with cases of Pbr all the time. But we will never know."
Location: Castlerock, CO, USA
Occurrence Date: July 4, 2015

Location Castlerock, CO, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Chad Milan
Posted On Mar-7-2016