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Pure White Newborn Fawn

Occurred on May 13, 2018 / Wisconsin, USA

Info from Licensor: "My puppy and I were walking through the woods for about two and a half hours on Mother's Day looking for morel mushrooms. When at the last hundred yards of our hike we found one morel mushroom. After finding the mushroom I stood up turning around and looked down the slope we were on and at about 20 yards their standing in the sunlight was this little amazing ball of white! So we slowly walked around the thicket the young deer was in and I got my phone out. On our adventure that day we saw multiple deer along with a couple adult white/albino deer. This property has seven adult white/albino deer. Before we got to the mushroom tree, we did notice one of the white deer run from the area the fawn was in. I'm assuming it was the mother to this one. I could hear her in the woods just on top of the hill as we were watching her baby. I have been an outdoor enthusiast my whole life and have never come across something so amazing!"

Location Wisconsin, USA
Occurred May-13-2018
Posted By Trent L Zimmerman
Posted On May-23-2018