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Dog Gets Head Stuck in Unusual Spot

Occurred on May 24, 2018 / Landis, North Carolina, USA

Info from Licensor: "My girlfriend and I just recently just bought a house together and we've been keeping our two dogs in the laundry room while we're at work. I typically get home from work between 2-3 hours before she does. Since we just moved in, we haven't had the opportunity to fence in our backyard yet, so we've just been attaching our dogs to leashes that we've staked into the ground. On this particular day, I pulled in and immediately went into the backyard to untangle the leashes before letting the dogs out. As I was in the process of untangling them, I could hear the sound of one of my dogs barking, however, it sounded much clearer and closer than it should have. I turned around in the direction of the bark and noticed some movement behind one of the trees in our yard. I went over to investigate and that's when I saw my dog, Teagan's head sticking out of the dryer vent. At first, I was very surprised and amused. I snapped a couple of pictures to show everyone later on before pushing Teagan's head back through. When I tried pushing her head back through, I found that she was completely stuck. At this point, I began filming the first clip of the video so that I show my friends the ridiculous situation I had come home to. The second clip shows me unscrewing the dryer vent. When that was unsuccessful, I rummaged through the house but couldn't find anything to cut it off with so I went to the closest store - Family Dollar - where I bought a $4 pair of garden pruners. When I got back home, I successfully cut the plastic dryer vent off, but found that she was still stuck. At this point, I went into the laundry room where she was and pulled out the machines to see if she was just too cramped to move. After I pulled the machines out of the way, I found that she had not only eaten through the wall and pulled out the insulation, but that she was still stuck despite having enough room to pull herself out now. Realizing that she may have been stuck for hours, I filled a bowl with water and held it for her to drink outside before continuing my efforts to free her. At this point, I realized the issue was likely much bigger than what I could handle, and I proceeded to call my brother, mother, and girlfriend for advice and ideas on how to free Teagan. Since my girlfriend was still about 40 minutes away from getting home and helping me at this point, my mom suggested that I lather Teagan with vegetable oil to help her slip out. I found some vegetable oil and covered the majority of Teagan's neck and head with it. I pulled on her slightly, but she still seemed to be stuck. I left the laundry room defeated and called my girlfriend to let her know that our dog was still stuck. As I sat down on the couch to tell her the bad news, Teagan very happily emerged from the laundry room. I immediately gave her a bath, and by the time she was clean, my girlfriend got home and we all sat on the couch where Teagan took a very long nap. Teagan is a 5-month-old Boxer/shepherd mix that we adopted."

Location Landis, North Carolina, USA
Occurred May-24-2018
Posted By Brianna Imbrogno
Posted On May-30-2018