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Glasses Give Color Blind Guy Goosebumps

Occurred on November 9, 2020 / Jakarta, Indonesia

Info from Licensor: I have been diagnosed as both red/green and blue/green color blind since as early as I can recall. This has led to me being the butt of many jokes, making some
horrendous fashion choices and generally annoying my friends asking “what color is this?”

For my birthday this year, I was gifted some color-blind glasses. Somewhat skeptical of their ability to correct my vision I asked my friend to record me trying the glasses on for the first time. This is what he captured.

My sheer amazement, joy, and overwhelming emotion at seeing full definition color caused my jaw to drop and gave me goosebumps all over.

Location Jakarta, Indonesia
Occurred not known
Posted By Anonymous user
Posted On Feb-23-2021