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Carefree Little Baby Sleeps on Swing

Occurred on February 28, 2024 / Haerbin, Heilongjiang, China

Info from licensor: "In her own rocking chair, this little baby was sleeping carefree as her dad gently rocked her, a very quiet and peaceful piece of atmosphere. Apparently, this is the most laid back and relaxing time of your life, when you can drift off to sleep on quiet afternoons accompanied by warm and familiar surroundings. Many of the netizens in the comment section are nostalgic for the time when they could have a peaceful sleep and not worry about their future. There were also many who were moved by this little baby's adorable sleeping position and thought it was just too cute."

Location Haerbin, Heilongjiang, China
Occurred Feb-28-2024
Posted By Anonymous user
Posted On Apr-2-2024