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Stupid P Plater!

Info From Licensor: "So I'm not usually one to bother getting bent out of shape about the stuff the dash cam sees, but this guy(?) deserves a special mention.
I wasn't paying him a lot of attention in my rear view mirror until he drove down the wrong side of the road. Then when I reviewed the footage I got a lol at everything else.

He drove off the road a few times as he was on the phone, and was reaching down under the passener's side for some reason. (I didn't see a passenger, so it can't have been 'that'!)
It is also an excellent example of how speed cameras do FUCK ALL to keep us safe on the roads (he passed a mobile speed camera while on the wrong side of the road), and why the near complete lack of driver training and education is far more dangerous to everyday road users. When our kids are thrown a set of keys and taught nothing more than how to park, how can we not expect them to treat cars like go-karts?"
Location New South Wales, AUS
Occurred not known
Posted By James Stevenson
Posted On Jan-22-2016


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