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Canoe Trip With a Scary Highlight

Occurred on June 26, 2021 / Loudonville, Ohio, USA

Info from Licensor: "A ghillie suit and a little bit of crazy can make people laugh. The swamp monster/sasquatch (known as Krazy Kurt) hides out in the water, in a secluded area of the Mohican River, while on river floats. A reaction is worth a thousand smiles. It's quite the scare to begin with, but in the end, it most certainly is the talk of the whole trip. Capturing this amazing creature in the act is not an easy feat but most definitely the best part. This video displays a couple vacationing and enjoying a nice float in their canoe when suddenly, the unexpected occurs, this was absolutely the most graceful of all the reactions, minus the poor husband who didn't get a fist bump at the end. We can attribute that to the suit obstructing the view OR possibly a girl upside down, you decide."

Location Loudonville, Ohio, USA
Occurred not known
Posted On Jul-7-2021