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Pigeon Flies Away After Being Freed From Litter

Occurred on June 6, 2021 / Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Info from Licensor: "When I was walking on my balcony after my lunch when I saw a pigeon behaving strangely. I first thought some parasites were attacking it and went there to pick up the bird. Then I realized there was a wire tangled tightly around its neck and it couldn't breathe properly. With the help of my dad who reacted quickly and calmed the bird, which was frightened and saw us as a threat. He was trying to fly off but couldn't and was helpless so he calmed it and I tried to cut the wire off with a Sharpe blade, which didn't work. Then my mom handed me a pair of scissors which worked. The moment I cut the wire off I felt the bird breathe in. I was so tense until that moment I was sweating. That little breath made me so happy, it indicated to me that the bird was still alive and fine, a moment of relief that made our hearts melt and bust into tears. Then my dad let it go by giving it a yeet. That bird still comes to us, I feed it water and seeds and it is thankful to us. I love that bird so much, it comes daily to me and now we are friends I call it Jatt. It was a grateful moment in my life I am so glad that I could do that and I am happy for helping my friend Jatt."

Location Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Occurred not known
Posted By Vamshi Vidiyala
Posted On Jun-21-2021