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Southwest Flight Attendant At His Best

Location: Southwest Airlines Flight #464 from Birmingham, AL to Dallas Love Field, Texas

Occurrence Date: September 18, 2015

Details From Licensor: "This is long but vital so bare with me. So I just went on a business trip for some company training in Alabama. I woke up at about 4 or 5 in the morning, got to my terminal and boarded my plane. Having checked in as soon as my 24 hour mark was available online, I got very good seats. In fact I got put right up front. And this was the key to being lucky enough to get this video.

Now from the moment I walked onto the blame and sat down, the man that had greeted us was acting a bit strange. He was loud, his eyes kept drooping, he was stomping his feet. But a lot of the things he was blurting out at customers was, while rude, actually quite funny. It wasn't until most everyone was boarded that I started to realize how off things were. The flight attendant man goes over to the door, kicks it a few times, pulls on the handle a bunch, and starts trying to kick some metal bar into place down in the bottom, but kept missing, and almost fell over in his attempt. At this point, a bunch of us were looking around like, "Uh, seriously? Closing this door is a little important, people. Someone come replace this guy please."

As soon as the airplane started rolling into taxi, the flight attendant started losing balance and falling everywhere. And then I realized what was happening. He was literally battling to retain consciousness. He got on the microphone and was SO messed up he couldn't make a single comprehensible statement. He kept repeating the phrase "nominal fees" and "Federal law" and often times would stop pressing the microphone button for the PA system without realizing it.

That is actually EXACTLY what happened in my video, and that is why the sound was so difficult. He was talking into the phone but NOT holding the button down. Lol. What an idiot.

Anyhow, going back a bit. The first few times he got on the mic, the other two flight attendants in back realized. One laughed at him, while the other made a HUGE deal, but kept it very hush hush. She was up front and goes "They want to talk to you, it's VERY serious" and she hands him a phone. His attitude changed, but he didn't sober up in the slightest. Now they sit for about 45 minutes talking and whispering. And the craziest part was the the pilot knew as well.

Anyhow, after the delay, I guess they just decided screw it, and we took off anyways. That was when I decided, "WTF is this shit? I need to record this." And I did. After the end of my recording, he went around, asked a few rows what they want to drink, then he went and disappeared up front. He spilled a bunch of stuff everywhere and the two female attendants came back by. They saw me recording, told him to shut up and took him to the back of the plane. I was trying to be subtle but they finally figured it out.

Anyhow, the rest of the flight, he actually worked. Shut his mouth and checked on me and the guys around me MANY times. I think he was nervous. Many around me were very upset, and this cute old lady sitting to my right was scared out of her mind. I can go more into depth if you guys have more questions. At the end of the flight I tried talking to the pilot and he literally goes "We're handling it thanks" and walked away, completely ignoring me.

Let's blow this up. Cuz they can't get away with shit like this. At the end of the flight, nobody said or did anything to him, and apparently his punishment from what I THINK I overheard, was that he wasn't getting paid for that one flight. Like WTF seriously? Craziest flight of my life, hands down. And there wasn't a single person next to me that didn't agree."


Lollll this is my experience on a Southwest Airlines flight this morning. Let's just put it this way, nobody in that plane felt safe. How did they even let him show up to work like that? WTF?!! **By the way I'm sorry about the sound, he was so messed up he wasn't actually holding the microphone button down, and I could only barely hear him mumbling because I was in the first row. I'll try to get a better quality version as soon as I can figure out how to fix the sound.

Location Birmingham, AL
Occurred not known
Posted By Samir Michael Nasr
Posted On Sep-18-2015