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Toddler Covers Herself in Shimmery Makeup

Occurred on September 27, 2023 / Novoaltaysk, Russia

Info from Licensor: "Eva has always loved cosmetics, she has 3 adult sisters who already wear makeup. Also, the eldest is into makeup, so Eva knew how to cheer herself up. She very often took cosmetics and painted her whole face, body, and walls. We never bothered her about it. We didn't scold her because she was the happiest child in the world when she found cosmetics. It was useless to hide it in different places because she was getting older and smarter, we hoped that over time her ardor would fade and she would settle down. This time, for now, that's all in the house were busy with their own affairs, little Eva went up to her sister's room to once again admire the cosmetics. She found an almost new highlighter and decided to completely smear herself with it. When we found Eva, she was covered in sparkles like a little troll and she was not happy limit. How did we wash it? First, we wiped most of it with a damp cloth and sent it to the bathroom. There we used hydrophilic oil to remove makeup and ordinary shower gel. We couldn't wash everything off the first time, there was a lot of glitter on the scalp. A week later we washed everything completely. This happened when Eva was 1.5 years old, now she is already 2 and she also loves cosmetics. There have been no more similar cases, she already understands where to apply blush and where to apply lipstick. Of course, in everyday life she doesn’t wear makeup, only if she very strongly asks to "put some makeup on her lips" and they disappear almost immediately, because she loves to kiss everyone on the cheeks."

Location Novoaltaysk, Russia
Occurred not known
Posted On Jan-18-2024